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 Churchwardens: A Survival Guide, by Martin Dudley and Virginia Rounding, will be useful both to existing churchwardens and to those considering whether to stand for election.  Taking on this role can be a daunting prospect, in part at least because there has been an absence of clear guidelines as to precisely what a churchwarden is supposed to do.  Much has been based on custom - that is, on what has been done before - and though there are certain things a churchwarden must do (those things established by law), there are many grey areas and at times even a sense of confusion.  This book aims to tackle those grey areas, lessen the sense of confusion and present the role of churchwarden as one that is always challenging, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes onerous, and frequently rewarding.

 GoodBookStall Review: (by Mary Bartholomew)
Packed full of useful facts and presented in a very readable way, so that anyone contemplating the possibility of accepting the responsibility of churchwarden-ship, through to those who have served as such for years, will find information to help them. ‘Appendices containing relevant legal documents and other useful resources complete the book, making it an up to date, comprehensive and essential aid to negotiating this important office’. I smiled at the use of the word ‘negotiating’ My dictionary says ‘Confer with another with view to compromise or agreement’. Examples are given to help with just that, and so much more!

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