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 The Parish Survival Guide, by Martin Dudley and Virginia Rounding, is a book about parish ministry and how to survive it.  "Survival" means to make it through the storm; make it to the end of the race; not give in to pressure; outlast one's opponents.  It is addressed to the parish clergy and is intended to be a practical handbook.  The first purpose of the book is to help you prevent things going wrong, its second to help you deal with things that do go wrong, and its third to serve as an emergency manual, telling you what to do when things have gone really and seriously wrong.  We hope you will not need it for the third aspect - but forewarned is forearmed....

 GoodBookStall Review: (by Ian Gibson)
A very practical handbook, hopefully which does not share the same fate as “other” handbooks. Cleverly put together from personal experience and issues that need to be addressed by clergy in their parishes; simple to read and fun to take note of as well as serious issues about complaints etc. With new measures on the horizon for clergy this must be a Christmas gift worth having. It brings in all the salient points about effective management, which most clergy would prefer to ignore, but oh how important they are. It has a very useful resource guide as well in the back of the book.
"This is a very approachable, sane and comprehensive guide to parish life and every incumbent would do well to have a copy - perhaps shelved alongside the latest Guidelines."
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